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ColorSnap Visualizer®

ColorSnap Visualizer

Sherwin-Williams wanted customers to easily visualize exciting new paint colors on their walls. We created ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web, an application that enables users to virtually transform their space with any Sherwin-Williams color.

  • The ask

    Sherwin-Williams knew that if their customers could effortlessly test a paint color in their space, they’d be inspired to pick up a brush. But as a brand new application—one that would have to accommodate mobile phones, computers, and the quirky Internet Explorer 10—building it would be a tricky endeavor. Realizing they needed a team that was comfortable navigating uncharted technical waters, Sherwin-Williams turned to Base Two.

  • The solution

    Working closely with the Sherwin-Williams design and marketing team, our developers dove in. The goal was to create an application that allowed users to both virtually test colors in their space and immerse them in the Sherwin-Williams paint catalogue. The finished product became ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web, an application that elevated the painting experience to an entirely new dimension.

Apartment living room with large windows
phone app

The app lets customers effortlessly browse Sherwin‑Williams’ digital paint collection, curate color schemes, generate paint suggestions from their favorite images, and digitally paint their physical spaces.

The results

ColorSnap® Visualizer for Web didn’t just set a new standard for customer engagement in the paint industry—it also modernized an age-old process. Instead of buying paint samples at the store and manually applying them to walls, customers can now trial new paints in seconds.

    digitally painted living room
    generated color scheme for house exterior
    color details page
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    Best group of developers. Amazing front end and back end skills! Great partners to work with!

    James Weaver

    Project Manager

    Sherwin Williams