Base Two
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We are engineers and artisans, collaborat­ing to make custom software people love.

Our Culture & Beliefs

At the heart of the experiences we make are the humans we make them for, and behind Base Two is an experienced team of people who are always up for a challenge. Here’s a little more about our guiding principles:


    The best working relationships are built on trust and transparency. So we communicate clearly and honestly—no jargon here. Only by being straightforward and honest can we get to the beautiful result we’re all driving toward.


    Our software is engineered for the long haul. Yes, we’re going to meet today’s spec. But we also build flexibility into every piece we ship. Through rigorous attention to detail and intentionality in every decision, Base Two creates lasting value.


    Empathy shines through in everything we do at Base Two—from relationships with clients to friendships with one another. By always keeping the user front and center, we create software that people actually enjoy using.


    We love to share what we’ve learned with others. Whether it’s giving a talk at a local event or training teams on the latest technology, teaching others is a core part of what we do.

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Our team

  • Drew Miller

    Drew Miller

    Columbus, OH

  • Sean Ludemann

    Sean Ludemann

    Columbus, OH

  • Tony Borres

    Tony Borres

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Nathan Kessler

    Nathan Kessler

    Columbus, OH

  • Reed Dunkle

    Reed Dunkle

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Mike Condo

    Mike Condo

    Columbus, OH

  • Ashley Singleton

    Ashley Singleton

    Atlanta, GA

  • Zachary Chay-Dolan

    Zachary Chay-Dolan

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Nelson Foltz

    Nelson Foltz

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Laura Padilla

    Laura Padilla

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Eric Waight

    Eric Waight

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Javier Orejarena

    Javier Orejarena

    Orlando, FL

  • Melissa Lam

    Melissa Lam

    New York, NY

  • Kate Hansen

    Kate Hansen

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Kyle Johns

    Kyle Johns

    Columbus, OH