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Partnerships are the core of how we work.

Partnership Philosophy

Our primary goal is to build long term relationships based on mutual trust. We strive to be the best stewards of the systems we're entrusted with. Identifying the correct solutions to your problems and building them in the way that fits your needs, both short and long term. First and foremost, we are experts at working with you.


Discovery Consultation

One of our defining talents, extending beyond engineering, is our capacity to quickly understand our clients' businesses and systems. We excel in transforming initial broad concepts and high expectations into clear, attainable outcomes. Our aim is to leverage our extensive experience across various industries to offer unique insights and practical solutions.

  • Conduct in-depth discussions with key stakeholders to fully understand business objectives and challenges.
  • Transform loose concepts into concrete, actionable work items.
  • Collaborative approach to uncover hidden needs and expectations.
  • Unique insights drawn from extensive experience across various industries.
  • We focus on your processes, and how to create systems to facilitate them.

Architecture and Engineering Consultation

Is your current infrastructure capable of meeting your immediate and future needs? At Base Two, we help clients evaluate their existing systems by pinpointing vulnerabilities and recognizing strengths. We follow up with a detailed report outlining necessary technology enhancements, expansion tactics, and proposed architectural modifications to ensure your infrastructure is not only robust but also scalable to adapt to your business's evolving demands.

  • Strategic planning for sustainable business growth.
  • Targeted technology upgrades and development of expansion strategies.
  • Transition existing software to advanced, modern platforms.

Tailored Software Solutions

No workflow is truly identical. By immersing ourselves in your existing processes and deeply understanding your business, we deliver bespoke software solutions. The emphasis is on aligning the platform with industry standards, making architectural choices to ensure scalability while managing complexity, and helping you to drive innovation in your business.

  • Comprehensive development cycle, from initial concept to final implementation.
  • Tailored to address your unique business needs.
  • Rigorous application of industry standards and best practices at every level of the project.
  • Systems designed for seamless scalability while remaining provider agnostic to ensure managed cost.
  • Versatile solutions including cloud-native, on-premise, or hybrid models to suit your needs.

Enhancement and Support

For businesses with established software solutions, this service zeroes in on elevating your existing tools. Base Two conducts a thorough analysis focused on extending the lifecycle and maximizing the efficiency of your current software.

  • Prioritize and execute based on business value.
  • Refined user interfaces and interactions to elevate user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Enhancing accessibility to ensure that the software is usable and inclusive for everyone.
  • Fine-tuning performance for increased speed, reliability, and resource efficiency.

Mentorship, Guidance, and Strategy

At Base Two, we recognize the importance of going beyond traditional development roles. Our people provide ongoing mentorship and guidance, acting as a committed technology partner for our clients. We focus not just on development but also on creating a supportive framework for shaping your technology strategy, facilitating informed decision-making, and nurturing effective, skilled engineering teams. With a team experienced in both advanced engineering and empathetic leadership, we aim to positively influence and enhance your team's overall performance.

  • Continuous mentorship to strategically guide and improve decision-making processes.
  • Expert assistance in navigating technical challenges, offering timely and practical solutions.
  • Leadership support for engineering teams, aiding in task execution, fostering skill development, and code reviews.
  • Acting as your on-demand technology strategist, we provide the expertise and insights typically expected from a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Targeted MVP

The idea of a Targeted MVP solution is to expedite the creation of a functional prototype, catering to the needs of early-stage startups or established companies looking to experiment. Our approach involves rapid collaboration with the client team, defining the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), setting up the necessary technology infrastructure, and developing core features. The focus is on quickly building a demonstration-ready version of the product.

  • Rapid development of a functional prototype to bring ideas to life swiftly.
  • Collaboration for MVP definition, technology setup, and core feature development.
  • Iterative development practices to deliver quick and impactful results.
  • Professional handoff of deliverables, complete with dedicated support for a smooth transition and continued growth.

Committed Partner

If your tech partnerships have failed in the past, you are not alone. It's difficult to find a consistent group who is reliable, communicative, and fulfill commitments. At Base Two, we deeply invest in the tasks we're given and take ownership of the systems we work on which shows in the results we achieve. It's important that we are a team working together to solve problems and build solutions we're proud of. Let us be part of your engineering team.


Base Two’s Retainer service provides a sustainable solution for your software development needs. We understand that building, mentoring, and retaining a talented engineering team is a complex and time-consuming task, often challenging for many businesses. Our service offers the expertise of dedicated professionals who become an extension of your team, ensuring continuity and stability in your software development efforts. With our deep understanding of nurturing engineering talent, we offer more than just staffing solutions; we become your external software development group.

  • Offering dedicated professionals to meet your flexible and evolving staffing needs in software development.
  • Providing a team of skilled engineers, each with their own areas of expertise.
  • Specializing in the growth and development of engineering talent, ensuring a high-quality, consistent output for your projects.
  • Acting as your external software group, we handle the complexities of hiring and team management, allowing you to focus on core business activities

Team Integration

At Base Two, we understand the dynamic needs of businesses requiring extra muscle. Our Team Integration service is designed to provide a seamless partnership where we blend our frontend and backend expertise with your existing project teams, tools, and processes. Base Two enhances your development capabilities, ensuring that our contribution feels like a natural extension of your own team.

  • Seamless integration of additional development resources to augment your team's capabilities.
  • Collaborative engagement with your staff, utilizing your established tools and processes for a unified approach.

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