Base Two



American Electric Power (AEP) needed an easy, standardized way to capture and report on the variable costs and details of capital-intensive power station and power transmission upgrades across the country. Our solution: user-friendly software that prompts the user for relevant inputs, guides them through an approval process, and stores data for reporting and future use.

  • The ask

    With the responsibility of supplying power to 5.5 million people across 11 states, leading energy company AEP needed to streamline the estimation process for multimillion-dollar power station renovations. The company called on Base Two to assist.

  • The solution

    After a deep dive to learn about the scoping processes used by team members across AEP, we helped them define a single company-wide scoping strategy. Then, working with stakeholders at the company, we built a custom software solution for that strategy. In 2012, we launched an app called ScopeBuilder for AEP’s Protection and Control Engineering team. We then expanded the software across an entire division, deploying for hundreds of employees.

AEP dashboard

After logging into ScopeBuilder, employees can access a high-level dashboard that showcases all relevant projects—along with progress on each. From here, they’re able to complete scoping checklists and questionnaires, add attachments, select building materials and equipment, and route proposals to their supervisors for approval.

The results

ScopeBuilder has transformed daily life for many AEP employees, providing them with streamlined data, while unifying disparate teams around focused processes. The result is a powerful solution that saved our client immeasurable time and money—and provided valuable new insight into company operations.

  • 1300+

    satisfied users

    Serving hundreds of internal employees and outside contractors across AEP’s Transmission unit

  • Standardized

    an inconsistent process

    Countless hours saved by replacing individualized siloed spreadsheets with a consistent, streamlined scoping process

  • Sustained

    and lasting ROI

    Built-in reporting capabilities have helped AEP better understand past and projected expenses to maximize future savings

  • Partnership

    for the long run

    We’ve worked closely with AEP since the initial inception, serving as an external knowledge base and expanding the app to accommodate new teams