Base Two
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People motivate what we do and how we do it.

How we engage.

Whether we're embedded in your team or managing a project internally, you'll hear from us often.

  • Fully managed

    Our developers are skilled at handling the entire project pipeline while making sure you’re satisfied at each step of our process. A dedicated contact within our team is always available to answer your questions, and daily standups provide an opportunity for you to weigh in on our progress.

  • Embedded

    If you prefer to manage the project in-house, but need more expertise to cross the finish line, our team is happy to join your ranks. Working alongside your project managers, analysts, and subject matter experts, we’ll offer our own development knowledge and help create something stellar.

Let's make a plan together
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How we build.

Let’s face it—things pop up along the way. Our development process is intentionally flexible to allow us to accommodate the unexpected. While we work with everyone uniquely, a few steps are central to our approach.

  • Discovery

    Your idea forms the basis of our process. We work with you to fully understand the story you want communicated or the problem you want solved—and how it fits into your entire ecosystem.

  • Execution

    We follow a software development methodology called agile, involving two-week development sprints, daily standups, demos of completed tasks, and retrospectives for feedback and course correction.

  • Delivery

    At the end of each sprint, we release software and gather user feedback to better shape it moving forward. We also debut completed software outside of the production environment, take it fully live, and share it with the world.

  • Support

    Support completes the loop, but not our relationship. During this phase, a concentrated team of developers will be available to fix bugs and make any necessary adjustments to the structure, flow and documentation.

Let's make a plan together
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We follow agile, an iterative approach to software development that lets us quickly pivot when challenges arise.

Tony Borres

Director of Operations

Base Two