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DNV, an international risk management group, helps people across the globe realize new possibilities in battery power. Base Two simplified DNV’s Battery XT software into an accessible demo site that still captures the product’s core value.

    The ask

    With Battery XT, DNV’s clients can visualize battery lifespan and maintenance needs across multiple applications and conditions. Built using highly technical MATLAB® software, Battery XT forms an imposing product. Our client wanted to contain it in an interactive demo, so that professionals from any background could view it on any device—and quickly understand its powerful benefits.

    The solution

    Distilling software that stores extensive data into a small web application is no easy feat. By collaborating with DNV’s marketing and engineering teams, Base Two could identify the software’s most important functions—while also simplifying complex industry jargon and delivering the desired demo version.


The new Battery XT demo allows users to toggle between battery sizes, states of charge, and temperatures within different applications—and see how these factors affect performance. It’s compatible with nearly every device type and screen size, making it ideal for use on home computers or trade show floors.

The results

By breaking down a complicated software into a bite-size application, we’ve provided DNV with a versatile marketing tool. Since its completion, the demo has helped the company generate leads, convert prospects into clients, and communicate the merit of Battery XT to stakeholders across the world.

    inbound leads

    Serves as a lead generator for DNV to capture information on potential clients

    marketing efforts

    Helps the DNV marketing team demonstrate their Battery XT product in digital campaigns and at trade shows worldwide

    a complex software

    Provides consumers quick and easy insight into an otherwise technical software

    clean energy

    Demonstrates the rich possibilities of battery energy, a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels


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